In 2007, it was decided to structure Stellenbosch University into seven ‘clusters’ – one on the Tygerberg campus and six at Stellenbosch. The purpose of the cluster system is to integrate and provide support to first-year students so that they experience the University as a caring and nurturing place. This includes the mentoring system. Our cluster, called Validus, consists of five senior residences (Concordia, Huis Macdonald, Lobelia, Huis De Villiers and Botashoogte), three male residences (Huis Marais, Huis Visser and Simonsberg), two mixed residences (Goldfields and Academia), one mixed PSO (Olympus) and one ladies’ residence (ISA).

‘Validus’ means ‘strong and powerful’. Our motto is ‘pariter excedant’, meaning ‘exceeding together’.


Our values are:

  • Excellence with regards to communication, organisation, action, positivity and persistence
  • Friendship, which includes respect, hospitality, loyalty, openness, integration, sociability, diversity and persistence
  • Innovation, which touches on integration, persistence and positivity, and especially internationalisation/global thinking and any other challenges that the constantly changing world asks of individuals and constituencies
  • Camaraderie, which overlaps with friendship but which was included because, while friendship emphasises the social and relational connection valued in the cluster, camaraderie emphasises the purpose that is shared
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Visitors Open Day

11h00 – 13h00
7 and 14 May

Academia will be open for visitors between 11h00 – 13h00 on 7 and 14 May to coincide with SU’s Open Days.