The student life component of Academia is run largely by a group of democratically elected second-year and older students. Formerly known as the House Committee, or HK, this followed a similar system of leadership as those found in the other University residences, with senior students placed higher in the communal hierarchy.

Academia is, however, substantially larger than any of the other residences and it needs a different structure to ensure that all students are included and brought closer together. For this reason, during 2013 a new system of leadership was developed, leading to a new structure that divides Academia into four different houses, each with its own leadership. This new structure is known as the Academia Leadership Circle, or ALC.

A competition was held among students to select names for the houses and the four chosen were those of original Stellenbosch farms and homesteads: Mostertsdrift, Weltevreden, Boschendal and Saxenhof.

The ALC have divided their responsibilities into five portfolios: the Executive; Finance; Sport and Academics; Recreational; and Humanitarian, Environmental and Global. Each leader has a portfolio as well as House responsibilities.

Elections for ALC members are held in August every year and provide a great opportunity for those students with leadership aspirations to play an important role in residence life. In addition to the responsibilities leadership brings, it’s a chance to get insight into the inner workings of the University, attend leadership programmes and direct initiatives that may leave a legacy for generations to come – all while representing the values for which Academia has become known: honour, excellence, respect and kinship.

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Visitors Open Day

11h00 – 13h00
7 and 14 May

Academia will be open for visitors between 11h00 – 13h00 on 7 and 14 May to coincide with SU’s Open Days.