Academia was founded in 2000 featuring the proud logo of Aristotle. Although highly recognisable, this academic profile didn’t fully represent the Academian ‘village of friends’. So, in 2010, the Academian crest was adopted. In 2012 the crest was approved by the Stellenbosch University, allowing all House Committee members to wear it next to the university crest on their official committee blazers.

Colours of the crest

Blue – loyalty and strength. Academia will always be loyal to its students, and they will in turn be loyal to Academia. We will support and help each other in achieving our goals.

Gold – generosity. We will strive to give back to our community and we will share our resources.

Maroon – Warriors, victorious. We will address all obstacles with enthusiasm and we will achieve victory.

Green – hope. Even if circumstances seem dire, we will be positive and remember that there is always hope as long as we support one another.

Symbols of the crest

Wreath – triumph. We will be triumphant in all our endeavours.

Globe – diversity. Academia has students from all over the world.

Hands – camaraderie. It’s when we’re together that we’re at our strongest.

Scale – balance. Although life offers many opportunities in various fields, we will always strive for balance.

Book – academics. We’re at university to study, and this is our primary objective.

Banner – our motto. ‘Through diversity we learn, in unity we trust.’

Alpha Chi Alpha – αχα – ‘Beginning to begin’. We have a presence on campus and we will always be strong, since accepting change makes us adaptable.

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