Academia is a unique residence. As the only affiliated private residence it offers the best of two worlds: the same academic, sporting and cultural ties as any other Stellenbosch University residence but with the freedom and opportunities offered by a standalone establishment.

Academia has the necessary protocols in place to address Covid-19. We comply with all statutory health and safety provisions, the University’s Covid-19 protocols and National Regulations.

More details are available on request, but in summary:

  • Access to the Academia precinct and office is controlled.  Biometric readers are used under strict sanitizing conditions. 
  • All buildings are fitted with foot-operated hand sanitizers.
  • Students quarantine in their units. Where students share a two-bedroom unit, the office will address any need for one student to vacate in the unlikely event of this being required.
  • We work closely with the University’s Campus Health to make sure we address each case in the best interest of the student.
  • We have appointed an experienced Health and Safety consultant on a retainer and they are managing all Covid-19 communication with students and the tracing and tracking where required.
  • In the event of quarantine/isolation, the office and our assistant resident heads are there to assist students with logistical and practical requirements (food delivery, laundry and the like).
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